Medical Rep Module

  • Secure, login based access to system
  • View Daily Tasks in Categorized Manner
  • Automated Time Stamps and Location tagging with Check-in/Check-out
  • Access to Contact Book, Contact Profile, and Product Catalogs
  • Option to Add and Search Contacts
  • Option to add Meeting Minutes and Expenditures
  • Option to Schedule follow-up meetings
  • Personalized Sales and Performance reports
  • Access to Help Desk for Technical Assistance

For Management Team

  • Save on field operation costs by optimizing travel and eliminating paperwork.
  • Increase field rep performance by improving training and mentoring through monitoring.
  • Streamline field data collection and have immediate access to visit information.

For Field Sales & Marketing Team

  • Get the job done on the spot: eliminate after-hour reporting.
  • Supervisors/managers will automatically know you are properly doing your job, improving communication.
  • Optimize customer rounds and save time and travel costs, while getting more done.
  • Some of the key operational Benefits on Organization Level are as following;
  • Increase Field Reps Productivity - visit scheduling and planning, territory management, route optimization.
  • Prevent Fraud - time tracking and GPS monitoring of field reps.
  • Eliminate paperwork - mobile forms and photo reports.
  • Boost revenues - mobile product catalog and sales orders.