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Our staple game development team at Callsprings adopts your idea or concept and turns them in real-time and responsive game apps. Our technical team and digital artist transform your game idea into a live app and our development to deployment and from deployment to final publishing pace are always process driven, resourceful, and quality checked because we value our clientele’s reliance with us.


We use game frameworks including Unity, Cocos2d, Corona, SmartFoxServer to develop a range of different types and styles of 2d and 3d games including single player, multiplayer and online multiplayer games.


Push Notifications are a useful way of keeping your app users engaged and returning to your app. From simple alerts to rich-content messages, Push Notification is perfect for promotional campaigns, app updates, alerts, reminders, etc.


In-App purchases are purchases made within the application. Users typically make In-App purchases to get subscriptions and access special content or features within the app. In-App purchases give boost to developer’s revenue stream.

Based Services

With Location Based Services (LBS) you can use the geographical location of the smartphone for enhanced application features. LBS opens door to location based Marketing Campaigns, Social & Business Networking, Push Notifications, etc.


API Integration enables incorporation of 3rd party services in your application in a seamless manner and allows quick rendering of information on your mobile device, while reducing the development cost and time.


With monetization and advertising SDKs incorporated, we get your app connected to the largest advertising networks, enabling new revenue streams, resulting in enhanced monetization and ROI of you mobile app.


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Foodspotting App

As seen on The Today Show & Time Magazine's 50 Best Apps! Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend dishes and see what foodspotters, friends and experts recommend wherever you go.

Since Foodspotting launched in 2010, over 4M dishes have been spotted around the world, and we’re counting on you to represent your city!

River Island App

The River Island app lets you access the best of the brand you love, anytime and anywhere. With just a few taps, you’ll have the hottest new styles on their way to you, on the day of your choice.

No need to look elsewhere, with must have fashion for men, women and kids, all in one place!

Sweet Fruit Candy Game

Sweet fruit candy is one of the best match-3 games! The classic elimination game, the new play new game props! Start your brain to play this game with millions of others players. There are all kinds of surprises in the exploring the candy world.

Sweet fruit candy is very popular with women, the elderly, children welcome. Handsome boy and beauty girl also love it!

Recreational Equipment Web

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), we love to get outside and play, and we know first-hand the importance of quality outdoor gear. We stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we design our own line of award-winning REI brand gear and clothing. Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro, we gladly share our enthusiasm for our products and the trails, slopes and waterways where we play.

IMC Business Application

IMC Mobile App helps you to grow your business faster. Now you can check your Business Status anytime anywhere with just a click of button on your mobile.

This Mobile App will keep you updated with all the promotions, offers, meetings etc. as soon as they are launched.

Time Is Money Have It

A timer that measures the percentage of an activity’s duration that has elapsed or is remaining. User enters an activity name (e.g. School Day or Work Day) and schedules the activity duration by entering a start time/date and an end time/date.

Timer starts at the designated start time/date. The percentage of the activity’s duration that is over, along with the time remaining is shown in numeric and graphic form. Alternatively, the user can choose to see the percentage of the activity’s duration that is left, along with the time elapsed. Multiple timers can run simultaneously.

Poker 3D Games

Say hello to Octro Poker Live! from the makers of the original sensation Teen Patti. Octro Poker Live! is a real time 3D multiplayer Poker game which you can play with your friends or people around the world.

Currently Octro Poker Live! features the Texas Hold'em style Poker which is inarguably the most common form of poker played around the world.

Sports 365 in Websites, an online sports shop, is set to redefine the way you shop for sports equipment, accessories, apparel and fitness equipment online.

Search, click and it is delivered to your doorstep with exciting facilities like Free Shipping and Cash On Delivery, privileges which are only available when you shop from an online sports store.

Taky Restaurant App

Discover great dining experiences and make free restaurant reservations at more than 43,000 restaurants around the world. The perfect travel app to dine like a local, find restaurants by location, cuisine & more plus get personalized recommendations based on your preferences. View photos, menus and reviews to guide your picks. Every time you book & dine, you’ll earn rewards for future meals.

I Hate Zombies 3D Game

Ranked #1 Racing game with millions of players worldwide. I Hate Zombies™ Puts YOU in the drivers seat as you splatter hordes of zombies in the ultimate dash for freedom. Land manic airs, flips and tricks as you nitro your way across the USA, leaving the undead in your wake. Features include cute zombies, crazy cars, upgradeable power-ups, dynamic terrain, loads of coins, facebook promotions and daily prizes to make this a fun fuelled ride through the zombie apocalypse!